The ^Lighthouse Dome (Limburg)

The ^Lighthouse Loft (Amsterdam)

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 Wellness and Transformation - The ^Lighthouse Retreat

A psilocybin journey has the power to catalyze deep psychological wellness and meaningful change

Sacred plant medicines, like psilocybin, open the door to our unconscious. This inner journey can be blissful and divine, but it can also be disorienting and challenging. In any case, it will be an organic response to what needs to unfold. A journeyer will experience what his or her psyche is ready to reveal.

No one has an absolute understanding of what takes place in these spaces. Nonetheless there is a perfection to the unfolding. Expanded states of consciousness direct you towards wholeness. Whatever aspect of your life needs to be pruned in service to your movement toward evolution is going to surface. Every experience has a specific purpose, none is random.

Your experience could include:

  • Sense of profound acceptance and compassion
  • Synesthesia
  • Deep sense of connection, courage and hope
  • Remembering meaningful memories
  • Honest realizations of toxic behavior
  • Processing childhood experiences
  • Cathartic struggle and transformation
  • Sense of ultimate bliss and wellness
  • Understanding your place in the universe

Expanded states of consciousness have the potential to heal, to restore our sense of wonder and to foster a renewed sense of connection; to ourselves, to others, and to the natural beauty of the world. 

"The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical"

- Albert Einstein -

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