The Private Retreat

Experience psychedelics in a natural environment, designed for maximum comfort and safety.

Magic truffles (that contain psilocybin) are fully legal in the Netherlands, and your trip takes place under the careful guidance of two dedicated facilitators just for you.


The lighthouse tells us that sometimes though we find ourselves in scary, rough and unknown territory, that there is always a light, a beacon of hope at the end of this.


Research indicates that a mystical journey is critical for the therapeutic effects of psilocybin. Therefore we create the ideal conditions for a mystical experience - in our set, setting and dosage protocol.

In addition, we have great reverence for the Mazatec people of Mexico, and their way of working with psilocybin as a medicine. Hence we combine Mazatec knowledge and rituals with our own psychological training and experience.

But by far the most differentiating aspect of The ^Lighthouse approach, is a very explicit focus on the integration phase.

The real question is: how does the journey contribute to your daily life? How does it make you more whole, balanced and awake?

We are creatures of habit and our habits are often stronger than our insights. If we do not commit to new habitual ways of being, our old physical tensions, behaviors and tendencies will likely reassert themselves. So we will stay in touch with you for as long as is necessary to facilitate follow-up sessions and make sure the insights, teachings and gifts are fully integrated.

Not only will the integration work affect you, but it will ripple out to touch your family, friends and community. In the end, the commitment to sustain integration practices is not only to yourself, but to all those you love as well. 


The price for the full retreat, including a preperatory session, an integration session, the private psilocybin ceremony, transport to and from the airport, meals, drinks, snacks and accommodation is:

- €3500 for a retreat at The ^Lighthouse Dome in Limburg (the southernmost province of the Netherlands)


- €3900 for a retreat at The ^Lighthouse Loft in Amsterdam


The 3-day private retreat includes:

- Up to 2 people. You can choose to come alone or with a loved one.

- Airport pickup and drop-off. We will welcome you and drop you off at the airport.

- A preperatory session in beforehand, via Zoom.

- The truffle psilocybin ceremony, held in private.

- An integration session afterwards, via Zoom.

- Two nights in your own ^Lighthouse Dome or ^Lighthouse Loft. 

- Meals, snacks and beverages, prepared with love by Su. We take your individual dietary requirements into account.

- Access to the wellness facilities (private hot tub, etc.).

So all is taken care of. You just have to book your flight and we will take care of everything else.


We will personally pick you up from Düsseldorf airport (for a retreat at The Dome) or Amsterdam airport (for a retreat at The Loft).

We start at 6.00 pm on day 1 and end at 11.00 am on day 3. 

On request, we also do ceremonies in other countries where psilocybin is legal, like Nepal, Jamaica and Costa Rica. 

Book your exploration call

We would like to make sure a ^Lighthouse Retreat is right for you. That is why the first step is to book an exploration call with us.

Please inform us about your preferred date. We will confirm your call via email.