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Your journey takes place under the careful guidance of Stijn Elsen, a private practice psychologist with 22 years of experience. 

Su Das, engineer, allround amazing human being and Stijn's life partner assists him as a facilitator. 

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Stijn Elsen:

- Registration with the Commission of Psychologists 

- Private Practice Psychologist 

- Health Coach 

Su Das: 

- LinkedIn

Stijn Elsen, MSc

Clinical Psychologist

Stijn Elsen, MSc is a licensed psychologist specializing in integrative approaches to mental health. Having completed his psychological training at Maastricht University, Stijn possesses a solid foundation in conventional psychology and psychotherapeutic approaches. However, he brings a unique perspective and skillset to his work resulting from deep interests in ethnobotany and alternative approaches to wellness, such as yoga and meditation. 

This informs Stijn's holistic way of conceptualizing people as complex multilayered beings, with minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits, all of which are connected to each other and to the natural and social environments.

Clinical Specialties

- Depressive disorders

- Anxiety disorders

- Trauma-related disorders

- Substance use disorders

- Eating disorders

- Psilocybin-assisted therapy

- Psychodynamic & mindfulness-based therapy

Integrative psychology

Stijn's clinical interests focus on therapeutic applications of novel psychoactive substances, namely psilocybin. Stijn understands this medicine as acting on multiple levels of being, thereby possessing the potential for deep healing of root causes of distress and illness. Rather than suppressing symptoms, he seeks to facilitate people's own healing work by utilising this medicine in the context of psychotherapy and integrating such 'medication-assisted therapies' into a broader approach to wellness and mental health. This may include elements such as diet, exercise, herbs, supplements, somatic therapies, nature therapy, and psychosocial interventions. 


Stijn Elsen was born and raised in Limburg, Belgium and completed a master's degree in Psychology at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. During his psychological training, he pursued clinical opportunities in Belgium and Australia. He has traveled extensively in Central and South America and is conversant in Dutch, English, French and Spanish. Outside his private practice, Stijn enjoys spending time in nature, dancing salsa, practising callisthenics, and being with friends and family.

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