Psilocybin therapy in the UK?


Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries for religious and spiritual ceremonies. However, in recent years, there has been a growing interest in the potential therapeutic benefits of psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms.

Psilocybin therapy is currently being studied as a treatment for depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD. A small number of clinical trials have shown that psilocybin therapy can be effective in helping people to overcome these issues.

Despite this evidence, magic mushrooms are Class A drugs in the UK and their use is illegal. However, with changing attitudes towards psychedelic substances, it is possible that this will change in the future.

There are many different species of magic mushrooms, some of which are legal in the UK, but most of which are illegal. In this article we will focus on growing psilocybin mushrooms in the UK, including safety tips and an introduction to the law around magic mushrooms in UK.

Guide to growing Psilocybin Mushrooms

There are numerous species of mushroom that contain psilocybin, some of which you can easily order online from a supplier. Once you obtain the spores, it is a simple process where anything from a few days or weeks can pass before new mushrooms start appearing. Alternatively you can also buy kits online with full instructions.

Psilocybin UK legal status

In the UK, psilocybin mushrooms are currently classified as Class A drugs, which makes them illegal to produce, possess or supply. If caught in the possession of psilocybin mushrooms you could face up to seven years in prison and a serious fine.

Possession of magic mushroom spores is not illegal, however it is prohibited under the Medicines Act 1968 (Schedule 1) if they are intended for human consumption.

Psilocybin UK clinical research

There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that psilocybin therapy might be effective in helping people overcome mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, particularly for those who have not found success with existing treatments.

The first UK psilocybin trial took place in May 2016 at Imperial College London by Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris and Professor David Nutt. Despite some controversy over the use of Class A drugs, the study was extremely successful and showed that low doses of psilocybin can safely improve well being and reduce symptoms in 80% of patients with treatment-resistant depression.

In addition to this, UK psilocybin trials are currently taking place in the UK, including an upcoming trial at UCL, led by Dr. Suzi Gage, into psilocybin as a possible treatment for addiction.

There are also UK researchers which are studying the use of psilocybin for treating PTSD and increasing mindfulness.

As research continues it is likely that in the UK psilocybin therapy will be legalised for certain conditions. However, there are still many barriers to overcome before this can happen.

The UK psychedelic society recommends people to participate in these studies if they think it may benefit them, but advises against journying on psilocybin in the UK, since it is against the law.

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