Rachel Harris, PhD, introduces Swimming In The Sacred: Wisdom from the Psychedelic Underground


Psychologist Rachel Harris's new book 'Swimming in the sacred' has been released in the US. What makes her work so unique?

The use of entheogens, or psychedelics, is out of the closet today. Once associated only with 1960's counterculture, they are now being legally studied for their healing properties. But as Rachel Harris shows, there has long been an underground use and study of psychedelics by women, dating back to the time of the Eleusinian Mystery Schools of ancient Greece.

The modern women carrying on this tradition, interviewed by Harris, have "a nuanced quality in their relationship with the medicines -- a more subtle, energetic connection with the spirit world that the medicines open." As psychedelics edge closer to the mainstream, she hopes we don't lose the hard-won wisdom of the longtime practitioners she profiles; theirs is a wisdom of time and experience that cannot be replicated in a lab, and they have much to teach us. "They've been guiding journeys for decades," Harris writes, "since long before the psychedelic renaissance opened up research into entheogens and began to discover what these women have known all along." Any reader interested in inspiration, healing, and enlightenment will find here a wonder-filled narrative packed with provocative and perhaps life-changing insight. 

Psychologist Rachel Harris, PhD, has been in private practice for forty years and has published more than forty scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals.

You can order her amazing new book 'Swimming in the sacred' here